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My name is Ella. Pellentesque cursus pulvinar pellentesque. Aenean euismod non lorem at vehicula. Mauris risus massa, hendrerit in blandit eu, placerat nec nulla.

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Online Sales and Outlets:
The majority of our clients have an outlet or their own online shop. They either order through our b2b-shop glamour-optics or they use our Data feed and implement the products to their website. All products from our online shop or Data feed are updated live and available in our warehouse in Germany. They can be shipped within 24 hours after being paid.

Flash Sale & Day Deal Sites:
These customers are directly in touch with our sales office. We offer detailed lists with all necessary information and high resolution images. We offer the possibility to block and reserve products for a certain time. We are working with many Flash Sale Sites and Day Deal Sites worldwide and that gives us access to very big number of end customers.

Opticians and local Stores:
Among our customers are a number of opticians and local stores that mainly use our database to order products that are no longer available with their distributors or who plan campaigns or specials for their clients.

Chain Stores, Cash & Carries and big Online Shops:
These partners usually pre-order stock through us so they can offer special deals to their clients or gifts and bonuses for their employees.

Insurance Companies, Car Dealers and Companies with larger number of clients:
Those companies buy products from us mainly for their incentive programs - as sales bonuses or special gifts for their clients when they purchase a car or a house for example.

Newspapers, Magazines, Radio and TV Stations:
The Medias use our services mainly for games and lotteries, as a subscription gifts or for their internal bonuses and incentive programs.

There are many opportunities in the partnership with us . Check the "Know more" section for more details in how to get in touch. If you want to get access to our database, online shop or datafeed you need to sign up for the newsletter in order to receive further information.