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My name is Ella. Pellentesque cursus pulvinar pellentesque. Aenean euismod non lorem at vehicula. Mauris risus massa, hendrerit in blandit eu, placerat nec nulla.

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Wholesale-Sunglasses-Europe is collaborating with distributors, brand owners and licensees in the eyewear industry. Our partners offer mainly phase-out and close-out stock from the most famous brands. The products are with the necessary documentations, licenses and certificates included, most of them come with the corresponding cases and cloths. All products are new. We do not offer customer returns.

We have official permission to sell the products. Big part of the stock is stored in our warehouse or we have contracts that allow us to pre-order and deliver when needed.

Important note: all of the products are legal and we are authorized to export and sell in the EU. We have agreements with restrictions for some of the brands to be distributed in certain areas where they could harm a brand or brand owner. Even though they are technically allowed to be sold in these countries, we ask our clients to follow the distributor's regulation very strictly. You will find all necessary paper works in our download area in the distributors folders. All our customers are informed of these restrictions and have to sign an agreement before they purchase products from or through us.